1. Portal Three

From the recordings Ella Trash and the Goods and Portal Three

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Portal Three

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Portal Three

Portal three, o portal three
What is it that you show me?
Days are short and life is long
Everything shall sing its song
Spark a flame, a glowing coal
Your song reveals your very soul

This third portal, which I found
Is intuitive, and yet profound
Because of joy, this bell is rung
A laugh is the same in any tongue
I am powerful because I am not strong
It's the universe I rely on

8-16 bar

Portal three, o portal three
How quickly do we forget these:
Loving kindness and Compassion
Content with a meager ration
Yet thirst for sex and wealth and fame
To remind eternity of our name

I wait on the portal number three
I cannot know what I will be
Patient to see the coming glory
Watch the unfolding of the story