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Take Back the City

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Take Back The City

We've got our very own style
Flying carpet and crocodile
The girl in the glass of champagne
Turning urban into urbane

Mural, mural on the wall
From Calcutta to Montreal
Get your rattle can, take to the street
Let's decorate the grey concrete
When you apply each tint and tone
Take Back The City for its own

The high line rolling street art gallery
Getting chased by bulls is your salary
Though the man might chase you down
You are the soul of this town.

The hooded one will bomb the train
Move like a cat to apply the paint
Draw all the faces with just one line
***Characture of naughty number nine

Wheat paste, stencil, stickers, markers, paint
Go run free you degenerate saint
Throw color like you're Basquiat
Truly free art that can't be bought

Caveman paintings on the underpass
The fine art of the young outcast
May get buffed the next day
A fresh canvas for you to spray